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We are a registered charity providing free and confidential counselling to adults and young people in Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough, supporting those in distress where clients can feel valued and heard.

Number 22 provides counselling, advocacy and independent visiting services to the community, free at the point of use.

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We’re here to support you if you don’t know where to turn; if you want someone to listen who won’t judge you.

Please use our online form here to leave your details. If you would prefer to do this over the phone, please call us on 01628 636661. You can also email us on [email protected]

In an emergency please contact The Samaritans helpline on telephone number 116 123.

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What People are Saying about Number22

‘Sharing what I have been through has made a world of difference, like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I feel back in control of my life.

‘I feel that this period of counselling has been the most successful I have ever had, my counsellor was wonderful, she listened, remembered and challenged me.’

‘I realised I wasn’t alone, which was how I had been feeling for such a long time.’