Number 22 is a voluntary organisation and registered charity working across Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough

Set up in 1976 we offer free and confidential counselling to all those who need it through an appointment-based service. We have over 100 volunteer counsellors who donate their time to our service.

Our Counsellors

All of our counsellors are carefully selected and trained, or in ongoing training, to meet our highest standards.

They have to update their skills each year and are also police checked under government requirements.

The Counselling Service

Clients can refer themselves or are referred to us by local doctors, mental health teams, social workers and teachers.

Our counsellors focus on the person and how they feel about their lives; the counselling process is client led. Counselling enables people to make sense of their thoughts and feelings in the hope that they can make decisions about what they want to do to bring about change in their lives.

Why We Exist…

We exist solely for the public benefit and our aim is to support both physical and mental health and to relieve the distress of those in need in our community.

Number 22 is an organisational accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and we subscribe to their Ethical Framework for Good Practice. To find out more about the BACP please click here.

We’re supported in our work by donations and fundraising efforts so that we can continue to offer our services free of charge in the community

What We Stand For…

The charity recognises that everyone has a contribution to make our agency and a right to equal treatment. We aim to ensure that all people, both working within the organisation and using its services, are not discriminated against. Where this occurs, the agency commits itself to taking positive action against discrimination.

If you have a concern with the service, you should try to raise it with your counsellor and aim to resolve it together. If this is not possible you can speak to the Counselling Services Director. Please see our complaints procedure on this website.

Access to Counselling

As a service it is vital that we recognise the difficulties and blocks that may prevent members of the community being able to access our service freely. Therefore, we will ensure that three times a year the Executive Committee review our accessibility; looking at those groups that are hard to reach and formulating procedures to reduce the blocks to access. We also recognise that counsellors must also play a part in this, being vigilant and open to all aspects of the service which may prevent access and to bring those aspects to the attention of the Director and Committee. Each year in our Annual Report we will highlight accessibility issues within the report.